Keeping Your Pool Clean During The Monsoon Season

If you have spent a summer in Arizona, you have witnesses how the Monsoon Season can effect your pool water.  It is nice to get the cool rains and winds until the next morning when you see your pool full of dirt and leaves.  It is very important to check your pool after the storm.  Even if you currently have weekly maitenance from a pool service company, it may require you to perform these preventative measures until your next scheduled day of service.

Check the skimmer basket and pump basket for leafs or any other debris.  Clogged baskets can cause a lack of water being sucked into the pump.  The pump can overheat, run dry and actually burn out leading to a very expensive repair bill.  Heavy dust storms may cause the need to back wash your filter or disassemble the filter to clean the cartridges or grids.  Super chlorinating after a dust storm can help to prevent the start of algae.